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Data Collection

Connect IoT, manufacturing machines, sensors, PLCs or other devices to remotely monitor the health of your connected devices. Rapidly integrate their data with other sources such as files, APIs or databases to centralize in a single space the management of all of your assets.
Internet of Things

Easy connection to Industrial IoT Devices

Connect your devices to exploit the data they generate. Use forms to forward and format data through the Data Stream Network (DSN), an high-performance, certified channel for fast data streaming.

Third party API Integration

API can be easily integrated to connect third party software or to let the platform communicates with other systems.
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Database connection and management

Create and manage ad hoc databases to centralize data from data sources or leave them on your systems and securely connect them to the platform services.
  • InfluxDB
  • MongoDB
  • MS-SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • OracleDB
Raw data ingestion

Files, CSV and Excels

Connect brownfield assets with our dedicated solutions to allow data ingestion from passive data sources.
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Images
  • Microsoft Access
  • Google Docs
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Where to Go Next?

Data analytics
Data Collection, Data Analytics & Intelligence. All solutions integrated.
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