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Data Analytics

Go further and faster with a true end-to-end unified data integration and data analytics solution to enhance your data driven process.

One view, all your Data & Apps

Aggregate data from all your connected sources into an interactive Drag & Drop dashboard editor to get an accurate overview of the activities of your organization. Integrate external applications to get your data summary a in a single and organized view.

Simple Data Processing

Get instant trends, min/man value, averages and more by simply customizing your dashboards and set your alerts to anticipate possible occurrences.
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Visualize & Interact

Interactive Visual Experince

From bar to pie charts, from interactive maps to video streaming; our Data Analytics solution allows you to visualize and interact directly with data to let you display them as you prefer, offering a dynamic experience through actionable insights.
Alerts and Reports

Real-time notifications

Define thresholds visually while you consult your charts. Download excels and PDF of your dashboards or set to receive summary reports every morning via email, notification systems or push notifications.
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