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Manage your business faster and more efficiently thanks to the automation of daily processes. Drive your growth minimizing time with our Hybrid-Cloud solution.


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What's HIRIS.IO?

HIRIS.IO helps companies connect with their systems in a completely innovative way thanks to our automation solutions. Data collection, dashboarding, notification and app automation systems to take action faster and be more competitive.

Put your data to good use

We Work On Data That You Use Daily

HIRIS.IO integrates with the ICT tools that you use every day to optimize your existing workflow, without modifying it.

This allows an immediate adoption of our solutions and provides the impulse for growth by focusing on:

  • Production flexibility
  • Production growth
  • Quality improvements and error minimization
  • Improvement of safety and production environment

Included In Our Solutions

We help companies tackle Digital Transformation, providing the tools to overcome the challenges of the market, without changing their internal processes. HIRIS.IO works in the background, so your team can stay focused on the goals without wasting time learning new software.

Data Sources Under Control

Devices, databases and spreadsheets in a single list of data sources useful for the management of your business

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Automated Dashboards

Data is displayed autonomously on automated dashboards that can be customized as needed

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Simple Notification System

Set notification thresholds and logics through the guided interface for the automated reception of notifications

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We provide Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimize business processes

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Secure connections

All communications undergo a double certification process and must be approved by authorized users

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Optimize Dev-Ops

Minimize development time for each vertical app, providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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Hybrid-Cloud solution

HIRIS.IO can be implemented on proprietary data centers, keeping data within the company infrastructure, as well as on cloud providers

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Microservice Architecture

HIRIS.IO exploits a container-based architecture, making our modular and scalable solutions, maximizing up-time

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PaaS System

Each feature can be activated / deactivated at any time, allowing us to offer customized plans according to each need

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Find out how HIRIS.IO guides the Digital Automation.

Hours saved per month*

Response times on occurrences*

Savings per year per app*

*average values ​​obtained from the average resulting from individual applications for the process automation of our clients.

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