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Data Engineering
Down To The Edge

A unique access to manage all IoT, get Big Data Analytics and deliver intelligence over a scalable solution distributed on data centers, public clouds or edge servers.

Would you like to collect, organize and store sensor data?

Gather and combine data from anywhere through a secure and scalable channel. Centralize data and create added value for your business. No problem to handle thousand of sources in realtime.

Are your business processes getting out of your hands?

Get instant and customizable analytics to visualize valuable data, integrate them with third parties datasources and algorithms and receive alerts and reports.

Need to improve your process with automation and Machine Learning?

Import, manage and deploy Machine Learning models or your own applications on edge or clouds environment to increase the level of automation and prediction.
collect data

Integrate Data

    Connect different type of data sources and unify your data model. HIRIS.IO let you easily integrates:
  • Databases
  • API
  • IoT / IIoT
  • 3 rd party applications
  • 3 rd party algorithms
  • 3 rd party APIs
  • Files, such as spreadsheets , XML, txt and others
Edge Analytics

Move all IoT data to Clouds or Data Centers

    Connect,manage and get data from your Edge devices:
  • Collect sensor data from all your assets
  • Connect any sensor, PLC, DCS, MES or Historian
  • Industry 4.0 data collection & integration
  • Support for several different protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT, Websocket , OPC UA, ModBUS , and many others
  • Use your favorite Cloud Provider or your own data center to centralize and store data
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Data Analytics

Bring Intelligence to data

    Built-in Data Analytics component to:
  • Integrate data from all the connected data sources in a single view
  • Interact directly with data through input fields
  • Integrate videos, apps, custom HTML, 3D environments
  • Get trends and averages with a click
  • Receive alerts and warning on different channels depending on conditional logics (email, Slack, logs, events, โ€ฆ)
  • Get PDF, excel or image reports by email
Business Intelligence Automation

Deploy Machine Learning models or applications on Edge or Cloud

    Deploy your application layer to your Edge, Cloud or Data Center via our Edge Daemon:
  • Deploy any application built on top of your favourite language (Node.js, Python, Java,…)
  • HIRIS.IO Edge Daemon is open to run any ML framework or app
  • Service Catalog collects open source software ready to deploy
  • One operation to deploy ML models or apps to any number of Edge Daemon
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