Decrease development time,

maximize benefits

A list of software components ready to use that allows developers to implement their app's functionality with a simple click.




Disaster recovery

Data processing

Machine Learning



Minimize development time for your applications

Software Catalog offers software solutions to be easily integrated that support the operation of the app. You’ll find complex services that extend the functionality of the platform, tools that simplify the workflow of developers (CI/CD) and ready-to-use code that is distributed with a simple click. Some elements are created and managed by the HIRIS.IO Team, others are provided by communities that make their software available in an open source way.

The Software Catalog offers developers an easy, fast and efficient way to add the technologies they need to run apps, while minimizing development time. You can also add proprietary components to the catalog to re-install them within your environments whenever necessary, maximizing the benefits.

Expand the features

The components of the HIRIS.IO Software Catalog are managed services ready to use for the creation, operation or management of applications. These include data storage, logging, monitoring and more.

Faster developments for lower costs

Ready-to-use software components allow developers to focus on the application layer. They can also add their own catalog components, maximizing code re-usability and minimizing future development costs.

All in one place

The Software Catalog is the complete source of everything you need to support the development and operation of your apps on HIRIS.IO.

The Software Catalog is just one of the features of HIRIS.IO, a set of tools ready for use within each of our Clusters.

Software Catalog

Reduce development time and implement predictive algorithms

A list of software components ready to use that allows developers to implement their app’s functionality with a simple click. These add-ons are services developed ad-hoc or by third parties that developers can use to minimize development time and focus on the functionality of the application.

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