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Distribute, execute and manage web applications written in open languages and common frameworks, making browser-accessible applications for process automation available to our teams









.Net Core



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Continuous delivering system

Focus on applications, not on architecture

HIRIS.IO is a Hybrid-Cloud platform based on a container ecosystem with integrated data services for the distribution and execution of automation apps. The app-focused approach allows the developer to focus on software delivery, without changing workflows and using the most popular development tools.

The developers deploy the code
The apps are executed in containers (like microservices)
Developers manage apps from the interface
Data is saved on the database as a service (via Catalog)
End users access the features of the app


Microservice architecture

HIRIS.IO runs your apps within microservices: containers that run on a reliable and fully managed runtime environment. Developers distribute their code written in Node, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net Core, Go, File Docker or Scala on a build system that produces an app ready to run. System and language stacks are monitored, patched and updated, so they are always ready and up to date. The runtime keeps the app running without manual intervention.

Software Catalog

Access to the HIRIS.IO catalog allows developers to use ready-made software components or extend their apps with add-ons with a simple click. Add-ons are services developed ad-hoc or third-party developers can use to minimize development time and focus on the functionality of the application. These can include data storage, logging, monitoring and more.

App-Centric Approach

The development experience on HIRIS.IO is an approach focused on software distribution apps. Developers can focus on creating and continuously delivering (CD-Continuous Delivery) applications without being distracted by servers or infrastructure. They can distribute or update directly from common tools like Git, GitHub (CI – Continuous Integration).

Performance Monitoring

HIRIS.IO provides an interface for monitoring real-time applications. It helps developers to solve problems and allows a quick consultation of the Logs to keep their applications healthy. HIRIS.IO provides tools to alert the user if something goes wrong, automatically scale their containers if the dedicated resources exceed the specified threshold or to roll back to the previous version of the app in case something does not work as a result of an update.


The developers entrust sensitive data to HIRIS.IO and nothing is more important to us than meeting our custody commitments to protect this data. Each instantiated microservice, as well as those belonging to HIRIS.IO, follow a stringent authentication and authorization process: for each HIRIS.IO environment, developers belonging to different teams can work simultaneously accessing resources (own and platform) in a manner discriminant.

PaaS is just one of the features of HIRIS.IO, a set of tools ready for use within each of our Clusters.

App-centric Approach

All your applications in one place

Create individual web applications for automating your processes. Take advantage of the HIRIS.IO data ingestion and data collection tools and make available to your business applications that end users will use to optimize the work process.

Performance Monitoring

Monitora le risorse utilizzate e scala a piacimento

Monitor the health of your applications and the consumption of resources. Thanks to the management interface of HIRIS.IO you can consult the app usage metrics, scale or roll back to the previous version with a few simple clicks.

Software ready-to-use

Instantiates components and apps with a click

The software catalog offers developers an easy way to add the technologies they need to run apps quickly and efficiently. A continuously updated list of services that includes data storage, registration, monitoring, Machine Learning and more.

Choose from the available items or import your own, promoting the development of code to be reused in future projects.

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