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HIRIS Edge module: secure communication for sensors, PLCs, Edge devices and much more

Connect machines, sensors, PLCs or other devices to remotely monitor the health of your connected devices. With HIRIS.IO geolocate your sources and access data simply from all browsers.




Smart Sensors

3rd party softwares

Data Ingestion system

A secure channel for every device

The Edge Module is a module that can handle multiple instances for a scalable and flexible tunneling deployment. The module allows the customization of options for connecting to multiple data sources. Since there is no limit to the number of simultaneous connections, the service is more versatile and scalable. While typical methods such as API externalization or VPN solutions may take days or weeks to implement, you can implement the Edge Module in just 30 minutes. No changes to the network are required.

Sorgenti dati inoltrano dati verso l’Edge Module
Edge Module gestisce le istanze inoltrando i messaggi attraverso il DSN
Il DSN assicura la velocità e sicurezza nel trasposto dei dati
I dati vengono messi a disposizione delle funzionalità di HIRIS.IO

HIRIS Edge Module

Light and scalable

The HIRIS Edge Module allows you to bring intelligence close to data sources, allowing you to deploy a resource remotely. Thanks to the microservices architecture of HIRIS.IO, by deploying on a field device it is possible, for example, to perform operations such as data filtering or launch machine learning algorithms allowing to streamline data communication and lighten up the entire system.

Data Stream Network

The Data Stream Network Module (DSN) is designed specifically for IoT devices such as sensors, machines and robots. The DSN is a secure communication link between your devices and the central HIRIS.IO engine, allowing the use of three different MQTT, HTTPS and WebSocket communication protocols. Each device is identified, in addition to its unique identifier, by means of a key and certified pair in order to guarantee its safety.

Security and authentication

Security is now a key factor for every software entity. To ensure the security of communications through the HIRIS.IO tools, each device must first be approved via the portal. Once approved, a unique pair of unique strings identifying the device and allowing it to communicate is generated. In the absence of such identification, any message is discarded and not considered reliable.

The Edge Module is just one of the features of HIRIS.IO, a set of tools ready to use within each of our Clusters.

Connected devices

Device management and personalization of messages through secure communications

Connect your devices to exploit the data they generate. Use forms to forward and format data through the Data Stream Network (DSN), a high-performance, certified channel for fast data streaming.

Data Centralization

Save data from external sources

Create ad hoc databases to save your data in HIRIS.IO. Make it available for creating dashboards, alarms, applications, machine learning and more

Monitor the health status of your devices

Monitor the use of your devices in real-time

Real time view of the health and messages coming to HIRIS.IO of your devices. Implements alarms to prevent malfunctions.

Geolocation and QR-Code

Monitor the location of connected devices and access data from mobile

Keep track of your devices wherever they are accessing the map or access the data by scanning the QR-Code associated with each device.


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