Analysis and monitoring

Regardless of the type of source connected to HIRIS.IO or the type of database, you can create dashboards and display different data on HIRIS.IO

Data Analytics for all your metrics


From bar to pie charts. Interactive maps or streaming videos. HIRIS.IO has many display options to help you understand your data by connecting to your sources.


Define alerts transparently while you consult your charts. Define alarm thresholds visually and receive notification reports via email, system notifications and push notifications.


Aggregate your data into a single dashboard to get an accurate overview of the activities you are responsible for. HIRIS.IO supports the databases in HIRIS.IO, natively. Mix them in the same Dashboard.


Share data and dashboards between teams. HIRIS.IO helps promote a data-driven culture.

Dashboarding is just one of the features of HIRIS.IO, a set of tools ready for use within each of our Clusters.

Custom dashboards

Customize the display of your data

Create Dashboards containing charts from different sources. Fast and flexible charts with a multitude of options

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