Work less and get more,

automating your business process

Connect hundreds of sources and store their data, view metrics through graphs and receive customized notifications and reports. Distribute applications for automation and implement software components with one click to grow your business.

Connection to data sources

Data centralization

Monitoring and analysis

Notification system

App management (PaaS)

Software catalog

Connection to data sources

Connect and monitor your data sources

Connect machines, sensors, PLCs or other devices to the system and monitor the health of your connected devices remotely. Connect external databases thanks to our connectors or communicate with third-party software through the API management system.

We provide tools for forwarding and customizing messages sent to HIRIS.IO and secure communication channels.

Data centralization

Centralize data from your processes

Centralize data by storing it in ad-hoc databases. Connect external databases already in use or directly use the data present in your spreadsheets to centralize your data in one place.

Monitoring and analysis

View your metrics on one screen

Query and view data from your devices or in your databases regardless of where they are located, to understand your metrics. Create and share dashboards with your team and promote a data-driven culture.

Notification system

Define alerts based on available data

Define notification forwarding while you are reviewing your process data. Define the thresholds visually and concatenate the conditions for receiving email notifications, system notifications or push notifications. Optimize reaction times on critical activities for your business.

Eg: “If the temperature of the device X exceeds the value 54°C, then send me a notification to the system” o “If no product pieces is less than 100 and the quality value is less than 80% then send an email to”

PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service

Focus on apps, not on the infrastructure

HIRIS.IO allows you to distribute, run and manage web applications written in open languages and frameworks such as Node.js, Java, Python, … making available to companies applications accessible by browsers from different teams, for management and automation of the processes.

Take advantage of the data stored on HIRIS.IO and develop vertical applications to integrate systems that do not talk to each other.

Software Catalog

Reduce development time and implement predictive algorithms

A list of software components ready to use that allows developers to implement their app’s functionality with a simple click. These add-ons are services developed ad-hoc or by third parties that developers can use to minimize development time and focus on the functionality of the application. These can include data storage, logging, monitoring and more.

Safety, always

User management, permissions and security of communication channels

The individual features of HIRIS.IO can be made accessible to specific users or groups of users with different permissions; personalizing their experience. In this way, process managers can access different levels of data abstraction, specifically monitoring what is their responsibility: from the maintenance of a machine, to the quantity of pieces produced.

In addition, HIRIS.IO intra/extra data communication channels are backed by a dual encryption and certification system to protect critical information for your business.

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