Companies of all sizes can use HIRIS.IO to automate their processes; connect your devices and distribute, manage and resize apps.

Workflow optimization

The challenge of management during the information age

The supervision of industrial processes is an expensive activity and the traditional solution fails because it develops separate applications without considering the internal corporate organization and the technological systems that do not talk to each other.

Managers and supervisors spent their time merging excel files, analyzing the KPIs of different systems to track, analyze and improve business activities based on business strategy to maintain competitive advantage.


Implementation flow


Process identification and classification

We identify with our customers the painful processes that they wanted to automate to create benefits or savings in their management, identifying the goal and the end users.

Identification and analysis of data sources

We analyze the current data sources and the availability of data to define how to recover data and bring it to HIRIS.IO. The supported data sources are Excel files, devices, databases, APIs or customized messages sent to the platform via our secure channel (DSN)

Enabling HIRIS.IO tools for automation

We suggest the right HIRIS.IO tools for automation depending on the previous analysis. Our offer is scalable so it is easy to maximize savings by choosing the plan that best suits your needs.
Use case #1

Painting parameters management system

Loss category: Quality

Loss Type: Station Quality

Without HIRIS.IO:

The settings for the painting process of the components were suggested by the supervisors on the basis of their experience and the manual detection of the indoor / outdoor environmental parameters. Their absence or difficult reachability increases the execution time of the process and lowers the quality standards.


The temperature and humidity inside the spray booth, the temperature and the viscosity of the paint, the surface temperature of the component and the weather forecast are sent to HIRIS.IO to present the data on the dashboards and send an e-mail with the suggested configuration parameters.

Use case #2

Windows Smart Management

Loss category: Maintenance

Loss Type: Breakdown reduction

Without HIRIS.IO:

The energy consumption supervisors monitor the meteorological conditions daily and the internal and external environmental data and manage the windows of the plant in the different sectors, which are already motorized, to maintain an optimal temperature for the workings.


The sensors detect the temperature, humidity and pressure inside and outside the system. Data is sent to an application on HIRIS.IO via the Data Stream Network (DSN). Weather server for weather forecasting is interfaced to the application thanks to the API managed by the platform. Through the web interface of the application, the supervisors can check the data in real time, the weather forecasts in their area; and remotely control the windows in the various sectors of the system.


That's why our customers trust us

Process automation and a data driven business culture contribute to lower costs, increased responsiveness and greater control for greater customer satisfaction. The HIRIS.IO team proposes to accompany companies in automation.

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We have analyzed more than 850 Use Case proposed by the managers of the various production facilities to refine our solutions, so that they adapt to the real needs of those who work in the industrial sector for years

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